7 Generous Ways To Thank Your Hospital Staff After Delivery

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They say it takes a village to raise a child, and while I’m not sure that’s entirely true, it definitely feels like it takes one to bring one into this world. If you have a hospital birth like 98% of Americans do, you may be surprised at the number of staff members who will participate in the birth of your child. You’ll encounter admissions staff, Labor & Delivery Nurses, doctors, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, candy stripers, cafeteria workers and many other people along the way. As your hormones start racing postpartum, you’ll probably want to thank all the people who helped bring your new baby into the world and your arms. While your medical professionals are just doing their job, a nice thank you can go a long way. If you’d like to give a little extra thank you to your hospital staff, then check out our simple list of cute and meaningful thank you’s!


1. Bring Bagels or Donuts Upon Arrival

If you’re lucky enough to not be in the major throes of labor or have a planned induction or C-section, then you’re in luck! Bring a bag of bagels or box of donuts the morning you check in to give your L & D team a little extra energy. These are great foods to bring because they can be eaten on the run and don’t have to be kept warm. Your nurses can grab, eat and get back to you in no time!

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