8 Brilliant Ways To Decorate With String Lights

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Feel like you need some new ways to decorate your home in new creative ways? If you’re like me I can easily get bored with the decor which makes me want to redecorate some things in my home every once in a while.  I am constantly searching for new, creative ideas so that my home will look unique and modern.  Using string lights is a great way to decorate your home so it looks beautiful and creative.  The best part is that they are inexpensive and very easy to decorate with!  Plus, most of us have left over string lights hanging around our house after the holidays.  Instead of just packing them away, use them in your home as decoration!  Here are 8 great ways to decorate your home with string lights.


Source: lights4fun.co.uk

1. Picture Hanger

We’ve all seen people hang pictures on a string with clothes pins, but why not step it up one notch and hang them on a string of lights?  What a unique way to display family pictures, children’s art, or post cards received from friends and family.  It’s simple and inexpensive, yet bold and fun.

(For more indoor and outdoor creative ideas for your home, check out Fairy Lights & Fun for this tutorial and others).

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