Looking back I’m already laughing, and also most definitely cringing, about some of the stuff I said before I became a parent. I know none of us realize we are “that person” until we become a mothers ourselves and we suddenly think about all the people we may need to apologize to during our time of ignorance. And it wasn’t just stuff I said to other people that has me cringing, but stuff I would tell myself and my husband. Like, “we will definitely not have bottles or pacifiers pass the age of two, if the baby even has them at all.” Oh gosh, all the eye rolls please. My two year old still has both and nothing will stop her from getting them, short of me chucking them all away on trash day. So If you are in the thick of it and feeling overwhelmed that your precious list of do’s and don’ts has flown out of the window, check these out and remind yourself you are not alone.


1. The Baby Will Sleep All The Time

While this might actually be true for some babies, my daughter came out wide awake and stayed that way for the next year. You may think I’m exaggerating slighting, but I’m honestly not. My sweet baby girl didn’t sleep through the night until she was 11 months old and her naps were all taken in 30 minute increments while I held her in my arms. This was a huge shock to the system as I had expected to be some kind of stay-at-home wonder women keeping the house clean and working on all my many side projects. Most of you probably didn’t have quite this ridiculous of an expectation, right?

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2. I’m Going To Make All My Own Baby Food From Organic Fruits And Veggies

I did attempt to make my own food, but other then mashed up banana or avocado my little one didn’t want anything to do with homemade purees, or any food at all for that matter. On the rare occasion I could get something in her it was probably organic, but from a jar or pouch that I picked up in a desperate attempt to keep my mini human fed and alive. But I gotta be honest, even if she had been a great eater, the chances of me making everything from scratch is slim to none.

If you do decide to embark on making your own baby food, the Baby Bullet is a must have.


3. My Kids Won’t Watch TV

I do still try to restrict my toddler from watching too much TV, but would be lying to say I haven’t let Mickey Mouse Club House babysit so I can get the laundry folded or dishwasher emptied. Heck, I have been known to put on a kids show so I can doze for 15 minutes, especially during my first trimester or when I needed an extra 15 minutes in bed before starting the day.

skittles-924835_6404. We Won’t Use Bribes

Hmmm, what to say for this one. I mean they are all done in innocence, right? “Eat 2 more spoonfuls of rice and you can have some yummy blueberries.” “If you sit in your carseat we can go see the puppies at the mall…” the list is endless, endless. I also now understand why they are so effective, but I still believe they should be used gently, I like to think of them as more of a compromise.


Source: Toys “R” Us

5. Babies Need “Stuff”

Don’t get me wrong, babies do need stuff, just take a look at any new parents home. It will be full of swings, and bouncers and anything else you can get your hands on to help soothe that little darling. But did I need every item I put on my baby registry? No, no, I did not. Why I spent so much time trying to make cost effective decisions over toys and learning activities when my child would rather play with an empty box or the tupperware cupboard is beyond me.

Head over to Toys “R” Us for all the many toys you will end up buying either way, oh, and a ton of other useful baby items.


6. I’ll Still Have A Social Life

I do definitely aim to still spend time with my girlfriends and to have regular date nights with the hubs, but as far as my social life prior to having a baby? Not the same, at all. Even if I could make it out multiple nights a week to have some me time, I don’t think I would. Heck, I like a break as much as the next mom, but I enjoy my nights at home. Rocking little ones to sleep and telling bedtime stories. Life as a parent is so different, but even more rewarding.


7. They Will Eat Their Meals At The Table Or In Their Highchair

Ok, ok, I’m not sure where this one even came from. Maybe it was the idea of sticky hands touching my furniture or finding half eaten snacks all over my house, I just know I thought I would rather jump off a bridge then wipe PB&J fingerprints from my walls. Turns out, you will chase behind your toddler while trying to throw food in their mouth if it means you can get any nutrition in their body without a fight. I try to stick to having all our dinners around the table as a family, but breakfast, lunch and snack time basically just a free for all, sometimes we even watch TV while we eat. I know, I know, I’m shocked too!