7 Amazing All Natural Beauty Brands

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There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself every once in a while or all the time, whether your self care comes in the form of an indulgent cup of expensive coffee every morning or regular trips to your local beauty store for a bit of splurging.

As we become more conscious of our impact on the world and the impact that harmful ingredients have on ur skin and bodies, all natural beauty brands are becoming increasingly more popular. From fully organic companies that use a combination of herbs and oils in their products to companies that use all natural ingredients like fresh honey, there are tons of options out there for those of us that love beauty but still want to protect our skin as much as possible, the ones on this list are just a few of our favorites.


1. Burt’s Bees

Everyone knows about this old favorite, Burts Bees has been helping us through harsh winters and sticky summers with their all natural, utilitarian beauty products for what seems like forever. In recent years, though, the “earth friendly” company has expanded their line of products to include some pretty amazing facial cleansers, moisturizers, toners, and even a full-fledged all-natural baby line. Their products only include the best ingredients possible, filled with tons of honey and without any harsh chemicals or ingredients.

Find out more about the company at Burt’s Bees.


2. Weleda

Weleda has been serving the world high quality, all natural beauty products and naturopathic medicines for over 75 years. The multi-national company makes everything from skin care, to shampoo, to diaper rash cream, all filled with the best gentle but effective natural ingredients money can buy.

Pick Weleda products up from your local Target or Wholefoods or online at Weleda.



3. Bite Beauty

Available exclusive at Sephora and made in Toronto, Canada, Bite Beauty is a makeup company that carries a wide range of beautiful, vibrant lip products. Their lip products are made with all natural food grade ingredients, which makes them technically edible so you never have to feel guilty about chewing your chapstick off ever again.

Buy Bite Beauty products at Sephora and check out their website for more information.



4. Herbivore Botanicals

Don’t let the elegant pink packaging and minimalist design fool you, Herbivore Botanicals products are extremely heavy duty despite their organic nature. This company carries a full range of beauty products ranging from exfoliant bars of soap to skin clearing face masks. Those beautiful glass containers are filled with top-notch, non-toxic, herb and plant-based products that help significantly improve the state of your skin and make you feel all around fantastic.

Visit Herbivore Botanicals to find out more.



5. Suki Skincare

Suki Skincare is the perfect all natural option for those with problematic skin and sensitivities to harsh chemicals. Their range of products is extremely extensive, from moisturizing face oils to amazing daily cleansers, all of which are made responsibly with great ingredients that are all both gluten and soy free!

head on over to Suki Skincare to check out their products.



6. bareMinerals

If you’re a woman who prefers are more natural, bare-faced look when it comes to makeup, bareMinerals is the perfect company for you. All of their products, from liquid foundation to matte lipsticks, are mad with powerful, all natural minerals that help improve the state of your skin while you’re wearing it. The amazing cosmetics company also prides itself on being on the more affordable side of high-end cosmetics.

Check out the bareMinerals website for more info.



7. Fig + Yarrow

This organic apothecary-based beauty brand makes products for both men and women that help improve the state of the skin, feet, and body. All of their products are handcrafted with love in a Denver, Colorado shop and shipped worldwide at request. They even offer amazing all natural options to things like mouthwash and deodorant at extremely affordable prices.

Head over to Fig + Yarrow to stock up.

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