7 Ways To Predict Your Baby’s Gender

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From the moment you see those two little lines on your pregnancy test, you start day dreaming about pink or blue. Whether you plan to find out during your pregnancy or wait to be surprised at delivery, there are fun ways to try and predict your baby’s gender along the way. I wouldn’t be totally honest if I said I hadn’t done half of these myself.


1. The Way You Are Carrying

This old wives tale says that the way your are carrying will determine of you are having a boy or girl. If you are carrying the baby high then its a girl, and if you are carrying a baby low its a boy. This is especially fun in public when strangers decide what you are expecting by examining your bump.


Source: Walmart

2. Baby’s Heart Rate

At your next doctors appointment make sure to ask your practitioner what your babies heatbeat is reading on the doppler. They say if it’s 140 or more beats per minute it’s a girl, and under 140 beats per minutes it’s a boy.

Head over to Walmart.com to pick up your very own doppler to have at home.


3. Sweet or Savory

Are you craving all things sweet? Legend has it a baby girl is growing in your belly. If you can’t get enough of the salty and savory, you’re carrying a little boy.


4. Chinese Birth Chart

This ancient Chinese birth chart is supposed to be able to predict your baby’s gender by the age you were when you conceived and what month you conceived in. You can try it yourself here.


5. Breakout Mode

Hello bad skin? If you are struggling with constant breakouts during your pregnancy then you very well may be having a girl, they do say little girls steal their mothers looks after all! If you are living in that pregnancy glow then soak it up, a baby boy might be on his way.


6. Ask The Ring

Slip off that wedding band and find some string. Loop the wedding ring through the string and hold it over your bump. If the ring swings in a circle then its a girl, if it swings in a back and forth motion then its a boy. This one is fun to try but how true the results are, we don’t know.


7. Sickness

Have you been sick as a dog during your first trimester, and even beyond? Then get ready, a little girl may be coming. They say girls make mama sicker then little boys. I’m not sure the science behind this is totally accurate, although I have seen this been true for many friends.

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