10 New Year’s Eve Drinks That Put Classic Champagne To Shame

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source: Sugar & Soul

4. Champagne Shirley Temple

I’ve always loved Shirley Temples. In fact, there was a time when a friend of mine would always joke and ask me if I wanted a Shirley Temple whenever we were at a bar. I don’t drink much alcohol, so it’s kind of been my “go to” drink for those times I was the designated driver. I can only imagine that a twist on the classic drink would be just as enjoyable. Swap out the soda for a little champagne, and you’ve got a cocktail worth ringing in the new year with!

Get this yummy recipe over on Sugar & Soul, where there are plenty more holiday drink recipes to try.


source: Bakeaholic Mama

5. Grapefruit & Sage Mimosa

When we typically think of a mimosa, we think of a morning beverage made from orange juice and champagne. But it’s time to toss that idea out the window. Now there’s a mimosa you can enjoy any time of day, and it only requires a few ingredients. Grapefruit juice and a sweet white wine are what give this drink its flavor, making it a fruity favorite for those with a preference for tang.

Head over to Bakeaholic Mama for the recipe, and make sure you check out the others while you’re there.

source: A House in the Hills

6. Pomegranate Rosemary Spritzer

You know what is probably one of the most overlooked fruits? Pomegranate. You don’t come across a lot of pomegranate recipes, or meet many people who regularly eat pomegranates. And after trying this spritzer, that will probably change! I mean, just looking at the photo of this drink makes me want to run out and stock up on the colorful fruit. When you add peach schnapps, prosecco and mango flavored soda water to the mix, I’m sold.

Want to try this fruity cocktail? Stop by A House in the Hills for the full recipe, and see what other tasty treats there are to try.

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