7 Things Only Veteran Moms Will Understand

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When you’re a mother, you learn rather quickly that the way you pictured things to be in your mind is not always how things turn out to be. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but as you are deep in the trenches of motherhood you will learn that there are certain things that only a seasoned mother would understand. Raising kids is hard work, and it doesn’t take a “village” or however that silly saying suggests, it takes one super awesome woman who knows exactly what she’s talking about. Here is a list of 7 things only veteran moms will understand, thanks to years of child rearing and practice:


1. Siblings Will Fight Sometimes, It Just Happens

While I never in a million years would encourage this type of behavior, regardless of what you do there will be times when your kid will disagree and get a little physical with their siblings. Real life is not a Disney fairytale of brothers and sisters skipping off merrily into the sunset hand in hand. The upside to this? When your kids are older they can look back on these memories and have a good laugh. Especially when they went to blows over something as trivial as a Little Mermaid t-shirt that they both probably couldn’t even fit into anymore.

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