8 Adorable DIY Mugs – Just In Time For Cooler Weather!

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With the cooler weather approaching, I’m sure you’re looking forward to drinking your hot beverage as you read a book next to your warm fireplace in your pajamas. Or maybe drinking your coffee isn’t as glamorous as you’ll be drinking it straight out of bed, your hair a mess! Either way, you’ll want a cute, fun mug to drink out of to make your morning coffee or tea more exciting. Check out some of these cute mugs that you can personalize for yourselves!

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Source: freshpaintabq.blogspot.com

1. His And Hers

If you and your hubby have your morning coffee together every day, these his and hers mugs would be perfect for the two of you. I love how even though the mustache and eyelashes are very simple and to the point, they still get the point across that one mug is for your husband, and one for you. There will certainly be no mistaking whose coffee is who’s in the morning.

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Source: thewinthropchronicles.com

2. Asymmetrical Paint

Gold is such a popular color now a days, especially when it comes to housewares. It’s shiny and bright which makes it a fun, cheery color to have in your home. I love that it’s paired with the bright turquoise paint on the rest of the mug. The colors compliment each other so well and would certainly make me happy to drink something out of this cheery mug.

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Source: beautifulmatters.com

3. Chevron Mugs

Although I am kind of over the chevron print because I feel like it’s been over done the past few years, I absolutely love these chevron mugs. I love that the colors don’t match up to make a continual colored chevron stripe. It makes it more visually interesting and much less “trendy” looking. These are also really easy to make and would make a beautiful addition to your mug collection.

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Source: oneprojectcloser.com

4. Tea Time!

Can we all just take a moment and talk about how incredibly adorable this mug is? I absolutely love the drawn on tea bag. It’s the perfect symbol for your tea time mug. The striped handle also adds a lot of character as do the fun, bright colors. Who wouldn’t want to drink some warm, delicious tea out of this mug? I’m already happy just looking at it.

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Source: homeheartcraft.com

5. Colorful Flowers

If you love Anthropologie products, but aren’t willing to pay the price for them, this mug is perfect for you to make. It looks very similar to their very famous mugs that are covered in beautiful, colorful flowers. I have often wanted to buy these mugs, but could never bring myself to do it. Now I don’t have to with this wonderful tutorial. Although, I’m not the best artist, and if you’re not either, you may want to enlist one of your artistic friends to help you draw on all the pretty flowers.

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Source: laurenconrad.com

6. Polka Dots

You can never go wrong with polka dots. They’re a classic, timeless pattern that will never go out of style. You know what’s even better than polka dots? Gold polka dots! With gold being such a popular color you really can’t go wrong with these mugs. Don’t they just look friendly and happy? I would love to have some delicious, warm, apple cider in these mugs this fall and winter.

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Source: kittsonablog.com

7. Watercolors

Looking at this beautiful, bright mix of colors on the bottom of this mug, you would never know that it was made from tissue paper which has been mod podged onto the mugs. It just looks like a fun mix of watercolors. That’s the beauty of this DIY mug. You can find some fun tissue paper, then mod podge it on and you’ve got yourself an adorable new mug for your morning coffee.

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Source: mycraftyspot.com

8. Coffee Lover

We all have that one person in our lives that LOVES their coffee. Heck, that may even be you! If you’re a coffee lover, you’ve got to make yourself this mug. I mean, doesn’t everyone know that there is to be no talking in the morning until you’ve had your coffee? With this DIY mug only requiring a mug and a sharpie, it’s a very simple craft that won’t take you long, but will make you very happy every morning as your drink your warm, yummy coffee.

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