8 Extremely Thoughtful Ways To Help A New Mom

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Before I became a mom, I watched friends around me welcome new babies into the world with an eagerness to help them in some way. But I always felt like I was in the way or didn’t know the best avenue to help them. Even if I asked them what the needed, they would always say “Oh, anything” or “I’m fine.” Once I had my daughter, I was the recipient of some amazing friends’ generosity and realized that the people that helped me the most just DID it. As a sleep-deprived new mom, I didn’t have the energy to come up with ideas on how someone could come to my aid. Even if I did, I definitely didn’t feel comfortable calling someone up and asking them! Whether you’re about to become a mom and wonder how you can communicate your needs to your friends, or just want to be a blessing to a new mom, this list is for you! Read on to see some thoughtful ways you can lend your new mama friends a helping hand.


1. Feed Them

It’s the most simple and time-honored tradition: food. Bringing moms food is one of the best ways to endear you to their heart, because they are either too tired to cook or put a sandwich together, or have forgotten that they need to eat at all. It doesn’t have to be a fancy meal, and in fact the meal I remember the most was a simple, homemade one. It tasted SO good after eating hospital food and was just what I needed to feel a little bit like myself again. You can bring them their favorite takeout or even have a meal delivered to them if you live far away. Either way, they will be so grateful!

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