8 Heartfelt Baby Shower Gifts

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You have a baby shower to attend for someone that you love a lot and who means a great deal to you. Chances are you don’t want to give them the usual baby shower gifts of bottles, pacifiers, and lotions. Although those gifts are greatly useful, you want to give the new mom something that she and the baby will love and cherish forever. Luckily there are a lot of other great options than just the usual baby gifts most often given at baby showers. Here are 8 wonderful gifts that are heartfelt, meaningful, and deeply personal that are sure to make any new mom shed a tear (or two…or three).


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1. Birthstone Necklace

What better gift to give a new mom than something personal that she can wear and show off 24/7? You can custom order this beautiful birthstone necklace of the month the baby will be born in, then have the first initial of their first name engraved on the necklace, as well. As she wears this everyday she’ll be reminded of how beautiful her new baby is.


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2. Baby Name Necklace

If you want to give the new mom a necklace that has the baby’s full name on it, there are a lot of options for you. You can put put the baby’s name on a round disc, a bar, a heart, and lots of other shapes. There are so many ways to customize a baby name necklace to make sure that it fits the new mom’s taste perfectly.


3. Certificate For Birth Or Newborn Photo Session

Having birth or newborn photos taken is extremely popular with many families now a days. I know that I regret not ever having newborn photos taken of my son. As moms, we just never want to forget how adorable, small, and amazing our new baby is and it’s wonderful to have those forever remembered in photos. Giving the new mom a gift certificate to have a photo session done will certainly make her happy and something that she’ll cherish forever.


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4. Personalized Baby Blanket

Ok, I know that a lot of people give baby blankets at baby showers, but I guarantee there won’t be many, or any at all, that are personalized. There are many ways you can order custom baby blankets with the baby’s name. It’s a wonderful way to wrap up the baby in a meaningful and personal way.


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5. Custom Heartbeat Bracelet

If you’re really close to the new mom and have access to her sonograms, you can take the baby’s heartbeat shown on a sonogram and have it engraved on a bracelet! How amazing is that? All you have to do is send in a picture of the heartbeat from the sonogram. Really easy and incredibly personal to the new mom. She will forever be able to keep her tiny baby’s heartbeat close to her at all times.


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6. Personalized Alphabet Book

It’s always nice to give books at baby showers. Books are always nice to read to children of all ages, but this isn’t just any old book. It’s an alphabet book that is personalized for the child’s name. Each page has a rhyme for every letter of the alphabet, and on the page with the baby’s first name initial, there will be a perennial rhyme for it’s name. For example, If they baby girl’s name is Posey, on the “P” page, there will be a special rhyme for her name. These books make a great educational gift as the child grows that’s meaningful, as well.


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7. Personalized Nursery Art

Decorating a baby’s nursery can get really expensive, so why not purchase some decor for the baby’s nursery? Even better, give a piece of art that contains the baby’s name. Not only is it beautiful, but something personal that the child and mom can cherish forever as it hangs in their room.


8. Give A Night Nurse As A Group Gift

Perhaps one of the hardest things about having a new baby is getting very little to no sleep. Help the parents out a little and hire a night nurse as a group gift. The nurse will be able to take care of the child for a few nights so the parents can get a little more rest. They can change diapers, comfort the baby and bring the baby to the mom if it’s time for a feeding. It’s definitely something that any parent will love and certainly appreciate.

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