8 Super Cute Toddler Boy Haircuts

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For some reason, haircuts, no matter what your age, are such a big ordeal. When you’re an adult, it’s hard to decide how you want your hair cut. When you’re a parent and you want to get your child’s haircut, it’s just as stressful figuring out how to style their hair. You can search through pages and pages of haircut ideas and still not find exactly what you’re looking for. However, there are so many great haircuts out there for little boys that are just simply adorable. Even though they don’t have that much hair, how you style it can make all the difference in how they look. Here are 8 really cute ideas for your toddler boy’s next hair cut that will make him look even more stylish and adorable than he already is.


Source: littlepeanutmag.com

1. Long Fauxhawk

I’m not sure which is cuter, his haircut, or his mischievous little smile. You can’t go wrong with this adorable fauxhawk.

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Source: ticoandtina.com

2. Long On Top, Short On Sides

I mean, have you ever seen a cuter little boy? His hair, smile, pose – it’s all working for him in so many ways.

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Source: juxtaposeevents.wordpress.com

3. Long Combover

This little boy’s shy smile, blue eyes and blonde hair combine to make him the ultimate beach/surfer boy. His long hair combed over to one side is the icing on the cake.

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Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 1.03.45 PM

Source: shop.nordstrom.com

4. Long And Messy

There’s something about little boys with messy hair that I love. I guess it’s just because little boys are messy in general and it just fits. It’s the perfect look if you want your child’s hair to say, “I just don’t care, and that’s okay.”


Source: justrealmoms.com.br

5. Natural Long Curls

Oh, curly hair. Always coveted by people with straight hair and forever hated by people with curly hair. Either way, this little boy’s natural, long curls are just to die for.

(Just Real Moms is a great website full of so many resources for moms from parenting advice, party inspiration, fun kid activities, and lots more).


Source: justrealmoms.com.br

6. High Top

Anyone else have flashbacks of Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air when they look at this adorable little boy? I mean, I never thought Will Smith’s haircut from the 90s would ever come back in style, but this little man sure can pull it off.

(Just Real Moms is a great website full of so many resources for moms from parenting advice, party inspiration, fun kid activities, and lots more).


Source: mens-hairstylists.com

7. Small Fauxhawk

If you want a fauxhawk, but don’t want it to be so dramatic with a longer length, try keeping the length short. It still looks adorable at this length and will probably be easier to style.

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Source: etsy.com

8. Simple Spikes

If you’re looking for something incredibly simple for your son’s haircut, some simple short spikes may do just the trick. All you have to do is put a little product in his hair, spike it up and you’re done.

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