8 Terrific Tissue Paper Crafts For Kids

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There are some crafts that remind me of my childhood, and anything using tissue paper is one of them. I have fond memories of wrapping little tissue squares around my pencil eraser to make snowmen and you probably do to! The best crafts are those that keep our kids occupied but also those that help them develop fine motor skills, like they will when twisting and wrapping the fine paper that is tissue paper. Another bonus is that tissue paper crafts are usually inexpensive and so versatile! Check out this list of 8 great crafts that are worthy of your personal home art gallery.


Source: MessForLess.net

1. Flower Art

This craft reminds me of my childhood and will give your kids just as many fond memories of crafting with tissue paper. You can use any image you want, or print out this free flower template over at MessForLess.net, and then have the kids scrunch of square pieces of tissue paper and glue on. So simple yet so fun!

Check out MessForLess.net for even more fun kid craft ideas!

Tissue Paper Fish

Source: HomeSchoolingMom4Two.com

2. Tissue Paper Fish

How adorable is this tissue paper craft? What a great summer project or one for learning about marine life. All you need is a simple cut out fish, and both strips and triangles cut from tissue paper. Let the kids go at it with glue for a fun project that will look great on your fridge.

Head over HomeSchoolingMom4Two.com for more info on this craft and even more ideas for homeschooling.


Source: Jane-Can.com

3. Tissue Paper Painting

Forget the kids, this craft is great for moms! Did you know there are 2 types of tissue paper, and one of them is “bleeding” tissue paper? It transfers color when wet, and that’s why this craft is so gorgeous. You can cut shapes from this special type of tissue paper (you can find it on Amazon), dampen a canvas and then place your shapes on the canvas. Let everything dry and the tissue paper will come off easily, leaving you a truly unique piece of art that’s worthy of more than just your fridge!

Check out the amazing process over at Jane-Can.com, and then get tissue paper painting!



Source: FromABCsToACTs.com

4. Tissue Paper Flower Pot

Why suffer with boring terra cotta or dollar store pots when you can let you kids decorate them? This is also a great grandparent or teacher gift that is much more personal. Just use strips of tissue paper (or shapes, whatever you have!) and glue on! Then cover with a good coat of glue or modge podge and you’ve got a bright and cheery pot!

FromABCsToACTs.com has this cute craft and all the details, so head over for a visit!


Source: CraftyMorning.com

5. Paper Plate Crafts

There are tons of paper plate crafts you can make when it comes to tissue paper. Flowers, turtles and cars are just a few and it all depends on how you cut your paper plate! The many colors of tissue paper will give your crafts versatility and make those paper plates last forever! This paper plate flower was made by just a simple free hand cut out, and made totally unique by the color choices. So easy!

CraftyMorning.com came up with this simple craft that your kids will love. Head over there for hundreds of other craft ideas for the kids!


Source: IHeartArtsNCrafts.com

6. Jelly Fish Sun Catcher

I just love the bright colors in stained glass windows and this sun catcher is the next best thing. You just need some tissue paper, ribbon, contact paper and black construction for the outline. This is a great craft that’s both fun and functional! Your windows will look awesome with the gorgeous light streaming through.

You’ll love this craft from IHeartArtsNCrafts.com, as well as printables, recipes and tips on motherhood.


Source: MomSpark.net

7. Faux Stained Glass Candle Holders

The best crafts are made with stuff you already have around the house! You probably have a few glass jars lying around that could use some beautifying, so why not turn them into “stained glass” candle holders? You can let the kids pick whatever colors they like, or give them paper that will match your home decor.

Check out MomSpark.net for the full tutorial. You’ll also find other great resources for motherhood, recipes and crafts for moms and kids.


Source: HappyHooligans.ca

8. Tissue Paper Wreath

Can you ever have enough wreaths for the year? Not in my house, and I just love ones that were made by little hands and fingers. No matter the season, if you have the tissue paper you can make a colorful wreath. Just use a paper plate to cut out a wreath shape and set out the seasonal colors!

HappyHooligans.ca has TONS of amazing crafts, just like this one so be sure to visit!

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