This 80’s Inspired Video Game Workout Mix Will Have You Burning All The Calories

workout mix

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If you’re a runner, strapping on your shoes to hit the pavement is no big deal. But if not, finding the motivation to sweat it out can be difficult, and that’s where finding a good workout mix can come in handy. Sure, you may already have your favorite 90’s pop stars lined up on your iPod, but if you’re looking for something new, we’ve got you covered.

Run Hundred, a workout music site, has just released two albums that are completely inspired by our favorite 80’s video games. Think: Atari, Sega and the first Nintendo. Called “8-Bit Workout Mix I & II,” the albums are completely inspired by the instrumentation we know and love from vintage video games.

workout mix

Sometimes all it takes to push through to the end of your run is a little bit of lively music, and we think this workout mix will do the trick. Whether you’re a fan of Super Mario Bros or Zelda, we think you’ll love these creative and unique albums.

Check out 8-Bit Workout Mixes I & II here. You can preview and purchase directly from this link, and get running in no time. Profits earned from both albums will go to Run Hundred’s charity partners, who provide humanitarian aid in each of the 50 United States and 70 countries abroad. So you’re basically running for a cause!


A little about Run Hundred:

Run Hundred was launched in 2008, and its workout playlists feature monthly in The Huffington Post and Women’s Running. Visitors can browse its free workout music database—sorting songs by genre, tempo, and era—to find the ones that best fit with their particular workout routine.


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workout mix

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