I Did 6 Weeks Of Ab Workouts And This Is What Happened

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If you’ve been following me on my fitness journey on my quest to get thinner arms and a more toned stomach, then you know I’ve been working hard and trying to share my victories in hopes of inspiring other women. My most recent body project has been toning my abs- something I’ve never really desired to do because I seriously hate the pain that comes with core exercises. After noticing some major changes while sticking to an arm routine I decided an ab workout may be worth it!

On June 20, 2017 I took my starting picture:

ab workout

I am a naturally petite person, but am not rail-thin. Even though I don’t struggle largely with my weight, I still would like to ditch the saggy belly for something a little more toned. Since I had so much success with my arm workouts, I stuck with the same fitness program and started doing the XHit “10 Minute Ab Workout: How To Get A Six Pack.” Although I’m really not doing this to get an actual 6-pack, I’ll be pleased if I get anything that even closely resembles one! XHit has a number of ab workouts, but I just chose this one because it’s only 10 minutes.

I was more than happy to start seeing results pretty much within the first two weeks. And as I write this, I’ve just hit my 6 week mark! I’ve been doing this workout 4 times per week, without changing my diet. I do eat out, but I really avoid fast food restaurants. I’m not a big fried food fan, drink soda occasionally, but do enjoy a class of wine or beer a few times a week. I say all this because I know there are so many women out there who want to see results but are afraid to start because they don’t want to diet. While nutrition is huge when it comes to getting healthy, you don’t have to go paleo or keto to get fit! Start making small changes, like cutting back on sugar and incorporating this workout and go from there!

This side by side comparison is my starting photo and week 3, on July 10. This photo still amazes me! I can completely see my abs forming! I’ve never had the “side ab” before but I’m liking what I’m seeing.

The last few days leading up to my 6 week mark, I came down with the worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever had. It completely made me think of my favorite line by Emily Blunt from Devil Wears Prada, “I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.”

Seriously though, this food poisoning knocked me off my FEET and I had to take a break from the ab workouts. The thought of doing it when I’m still recovering as we speak makes me feel all queasy. Blech!

Regardless, my 6 week mark is here and this is where I stand as of today, August 1. Honestly, I kind of feel like my 3 week mark photos looks better in some ways. Maybe it’s the lighting, or I’m just not used to seeing so many ripples in my stomach. But I do have to say I feel stronger and look less jiggly then ever before!

I mentioned feeling proud of my side abs and I think this picture shows a better angle of all the hard work my side planks are doing!

Here’s one last comparison of my starting, 3 week and 6 week journey so far:

I’ve definitely got a long way to go to getting the abs of magazines, and I’m not even sure I want to go that extreme. For now, I’m just happy that my pants feel a little bit looser, in my waist and legs. The great thing about this routine is it’s also an upper leg workout. I’m all about two for the price of one, especially when it comes to sweating.

I’m sure I’ll be back with some more updates in the future!

Is anyone else doing this workout? I’d love to see some transformation pics as well! 


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