6 DIY Bath Bombs You’ll Love

DIY bath bombs

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I’ve always loved a good, hot bath. You know, the kind that makes your body completely red and you’re kind of sweating when you get out of the tub? Those kind. One of the few ways I always get “me time” is to take a bath after my daughter goes to bed every night. I may not always whip out the champagne, candles and bubbles every night, but I do enjoy a nice soak and quick read of a new book I’ve been reading. I’ve always loved bath accessories but rarely keep more than epsom salts on hand, mostly because fun stuff like bath bombs are just too expensive! But like any good DIYer, I’m always up for making something myself! Instead of wasting all that money on bath bombs that are only good for one use, try out these DIY bath bomb recipes!

DIY bath bombs

Source: TheMakeupDummy.com

1. Epsom Salt Bath Bombs

A good bath bomb actually doesn’t need that many ingredients, and that’s especially true with this epsom salt version. The main ingredients are epsom salts, baking soda, corn starch, citric acid and coconut oil. If you want to make them a little fancier, you can add essential oils for fragrance and food coloring or soap dye for color.

TheMakeupDummy.com makes this process SO easy. Check out her recipe, instructions and simple shopping list to start making your own bath bombs in no time.

DIY bath bombs


2. Lemon Vanilla Bath Bombs

This luscious smelling bath bomb builds on the basic recipe and adds tasty treats like real lemon peel, vanilla and lemon essential oil. This would be a great bath bomb to wake up your senses, or curb your appetite!

Get the full recipe from MomAlwaysFindsOut.com!

Source: eHow.com

3. Citric Acid Free Bath Bombs

If you don’t have any citric acid on hand, you can still make bath bombs! Scrounge around in your pantry and find that cream of tartar and you can set to work making your own bath bombs, without the potentially skin irritating citric acid. P.s. don’t you love how GORGEOUS these square bath bombs are? They may be my favorite version of them all.

Check out eHow.com for this tutorial and thousands more on every topic imaginable!

DIY bath bombs

Source: APumpkinAndAPrincess.com

4. Unicorn Bath Bomb

Hop on the unicorn bandwagon! This unicorn horn bath bomb is the perfect gift idea, for a little girl or a mom friend, because hey, we all need a little magic in our lives! The only extra thing you need besides the typical bath bomb supplies is a unicorn mold and some cosmetic glitter. These bath bombs are seriously magical!

You’ll find some of the coolest bath bomb recipes over at APumpkinAndAPrincess.com!

DIY bath bombs

Source: ABeautifulMess.com

5. Rainbow Bath Bombs

I know there a lot of rainbow lovers out there and this bath bomb is for you! Some careful measuring goes into making sure you have equal layers and a lot of food coloring gives these vibrant but gorgeous colors. You can’t beat the store-like quality of these bath bombs!

You’ll find the tutorial for these and many other beautiful things at ABeautifulMess.com.

DIY bath bombs

Source: SoapDelinews.com

6. Mermaid Lagoon Bath Bombs

This is a seriously made bath bomb, using ingredients like kelp powder, oat butter and kaolin, but if you are healthy conscious then it’s worth it! No one can deny how beautiful this mermaid lagoon bath bomb is, and would you believe it gets even more gorgeous as it’s used?

You’ll have to check out SoapDelinews.com to get all the details on this challenging but gorgeous bath bomb.


DIY bath bombs

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