9 Awesome Baby Boy Birth Announcements

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Having a newborn baby is one of the most exciting things anyone can ever experience. Every parent wants to shout from the roof tops how amazing and adorable their new baby is. As a result, sending out birth announcements can be incredibly exciting, but also stressful as you try to pick the perfect way to announce your new baby. You can go big and over the top, keep it simple, make it really girly for a girl, or keep it to boy themes if you’ve had a boy. As we’ve searched the internet for baby boy announcements we’ve listed our top 9 baby boy birth announcements that are all together awesome and adorable.


Source: etsy.com

1. Hunting Lover

I can’t get over how adorable this little hat is with the antlers on top for your little baby. This is the perfect announcement for any parent that loves hunting or the mountains. The theme is reflected through out the whole card and truly shows off the love the parents have for the great outdoors.


Source: etsy.com

2. Military Man

If you’ve got a military member in your household, show your military pride by using it as a theme for your baby’s birth announcement. Service to your country is certainly something to be proud of and anyone who receives this announcement in the mail will not only love seeing your child’s adorable face, but love your decision to be patriotic.


Source: etsy.com

3. Biggest Fan

If you’ve got a baseball lover in your home, this baseball announcement personalized on a real baseball is an amazing idea. Not only can you use this as your baby’s birth announcement, but the ball is something you can keep forever and even use as decor in your baby’s room. As they grow they’ll probably even play with the baseball and ask you what all of the writing is all over it. Then you can tell them all about the day they were born.

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