9 Awesome Oreo Recipes

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Double stuffed, golden, or classic, you’d be pretty hard pressed to find someone out there who doesn’t enjoy at least some version of those delicious Oreo snack cookies. In fact, the cookies and cream combination that Oreos are known for has pretty much taken over the dessert world, worming it’s way into our cakes, ice cream, and even donuts! Not that I’m complaining of course, those crumbly cookies filled with sweet creme just seem to make everything a little bit better; especially when it comes to  these amazing desserts. It’s time to pour yourself a tall glass of milk and dig in!


Source: highheelsandgrills.com

1. Oreo Rice Krispie Treats

Two old favorites combined into one slightly crunchy and completely delicious dessert. The recipe couldn’t be any more simple, using chopped oreo chunks instead of cereal and combining them with butter and gooey marshmallows, taking a classic childhood dessert to an entirely new level of greatness. I’ll have 5, please!

Find some amazing recipes from a great husband and wife duo at High Heels and grills.


Source: thefirstyearblog.com

2. Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

Low maintenance cheesecakes that are ridiculously easy to devour? Sign me up! With their chocolatey Oreo crust and Oreo crumb filled cheesecake, these little bites of sweet goodness are an overload of Oreo that you never want to end.

Get countless sweet recipes over at The First Year.


Source: cookingclaxssy.com

3. Oreo truffles

Simple, delicious, and a major hit at parties, these gorgeous truffles mix chilled cream cheese with Oreo crumbs and chills them briefly then coats them in white and/or milk chocolate, making them almost entirely too decadent.

Savory, sweet, and everything in between, Cooking Classy is an amazing source of delicious recipes and inspiration.

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