9 Awesome Oreo Recipes

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Source: bromabakery.com

4. No Churn Coffee Oreo Ice Cream

Get the fantastic, creamy taste of ice cream without almost any of the hard work. A winning combination of whipped cream, Oreos, and instant coffee among a few other things make up this addictive frozen treat.

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Source: thefirstyearblog.com

5. Oreo Cupcakes

These amazing cupcakes may claim to be simple but the fact that they’re bottomed by an entire Oreo cookie and topped by a perfectly fluffy Oreo and vanilla buttercream frosting makes them anything but. A few choice ingredients and a little bit of time, and you have your family’s new favorite cupcake.

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Source: saltycanary.com

6. Oreo Cookie Milkshake

Summer is right around the corner, which means that we all need to get our favorite homemade milkshake recipes ready, and this ridiculous Oreo milkshake is definitely one to add to your collection. With a simple vanilla base, this delicious shake is filled with heaps of Oreo cookie chunks and a sweet homemade Oreo cream filling then topped off with more cream, cookies, and a healthy dose of chocolate sauce.

Salty Canary is a fantastic source of great DIY projects and delicious food inspiration.

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