9 Clever Clothing Hacks Every Mom Should Know!

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Moms are constantly multitasking, and taking care of our own needs like polishing up our pumps sometimes isn’t a priority. We have to make sure the kids are ready for school, meals and laundry are done before we get to ourselves. If this sounds like you, then this you need to watch this video! Clean shoes with the basic stuff that you can find at home like a nail file, Vaseline, baking powder, vinegar and a glass cleaner! Fix stinky jean by throwing it inside a freezer. Trust me moms, these hacks will absolutely make things easier for you! Click the video below and watch the rest of list that you need to know!

Cleaning shoes is always a pain, but good thing these hacks work! Totally amazing! Have you tried any of these? Please tell us in the comments below!

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