7 Hacks To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

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I come from an interior design background and let me tell you, living in a rental for the last 4 and a half years has almost been torture.  We are now in our third rental since we’ve been married and not being able to paint, change flooring, fixtures or hang certain things has been so difficult for me.  I can’t stand bare walls and most fixtures/surfaces that come in a standard rental are pretty ugly.  Over the years, and through many hours of researching on Pinterest, I have found some pretty amazing rental hacks that can easily change the look of your home without damaging it. Here are 7 hacks to make your rental feel like home


Source: mrkate.com

1.  Ditch The Ugly Vertical Blinds

Let’s be honest – vertical blinds are one of the most hideous and horrible inventions of our time.  Not only are they ugly, but they break all the time, are really loud, and if you have one tiny gust of wind come through the window they are done for.  The easiest way to remedy this problem is to take each blind out of it’s clip on the track.  Find a safe place for them that’s out of the way where they won’t ever be seen or thought of again until after you move out and have to put them back up.  Go buy some curtains that you love and slip the top of the curtain right into the clip where the vertical blind would clip in.  It’s very easy to do and looks so much better than those boring white blinds.

(If you need to see an example of this there is a great video tutorial on Mr. Kate along with lots of other creative DIY ideas).

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