9 Cool Traveling Family Instagrams You Should Be Following

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4. thesongmap

It almost seems impossible for this rockin’ mom to get any cooler but she proves otherwise with every single one of her Instagram updates. Recording artist Samantha Runkel writes songs, sings beautifully, and is currently on an ‘around the world’ trip with her precious baby. On her Instagram, you’ll find photos of the duo enjoying African deserts, taking in European sights, and being generally cool.



5. unapeinetaenmimaleta

Even if you aren’t a fluent Spanish speaker, you can enjoy the adventures of this beautiful family. With 21 countries down already, this fun trio is seemingly working their way through the world with gusto and enough Instagram pics to inspire us all. This account has a delightful mix of romantic sunset photographs and silly family pictures. You won’t be able to stop smiling or scrolling.


6. girlgonetravel

Blogging travel mama, food enthusiast, and bonafide New York Gal, Carol Cain always seems to be the life of the party. Along with her two teenaged sons and husband, Carol travels around the world. Taking in the sights, the history, and the delicious food. Both her Instagram and her personal travel blog are full of enough love, laughs, and inspiration to make you want to immediately scoop up your family at jet set across the globe.


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