9 Cool Uses For Baby Wipes Containers

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I love DIY projects, especially when it comes to repurposing old items that I would otherwise throw away. One thing that you can repurpose that us moms use often and probably throw away when we’re done with them are baby wipe containers. Those little plastic containers are good for so many other things than just holding baby wipes. You won’t believe how many clever ways you can use them that others have come up with. You’ll love all the options you have whether you want to organize with them, use them to store items, or as play things for your child.


Source: sweetshoppedesigns.com

1. Art Supply Containers

I don’t know about your kids, but those boxes that pencils, markers, and crayons come in don’t last longer than 5 minutes at our house. They end up ripping and then they never can be used again to hold the items. Not to mention that you end up having way more markers, crayons, and pencils than you could ever fit in those tiny boxes. From now on, keep those empty wipes containers and use them to hold all your kid’s art supplies. They’re easy to open, close, and can can hold plenty of items.

Check out Sweet Shoppe Designs for lots of great scrapbooking ideas, tutorials, and tools as well as other craft and DIY ideas.


Source: realsimple.com

2. Yarn Holder

Ever get really frustrated while using your yarn or string while crafting because it constantly gets tangled and falls off the table, then completely unravels? From now on, put your yarn or string in a wipe container, not only to store it and keep it nice and organized, but to feed it through as you’re using it. It’ll keep it nice while you’re crafting, which would definitely make crafting much easier.

Real Simple is a great website full of craft ideas, DIY projects, style inspiration, life advice, and so much more.


Source: kvbarn.blogspot.cz

3. Travel Lego Container

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time finding toys that are great for on the go and traveling. This travel lego container is amazing! Not only does it easily store all your child’s legos, but they can use the inside of the lid to build on. It’ll certainly keep them entertained while you’re out and about. I’ll definitely be making this for my son, that’s for sure.

There are lots of other cool and creative craft ideas like this one over at kv.barn, a personal blog by a woman named kaka.

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