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4. DIY Mini Pumpkin Place Cards

To create these beautiful place cards, tiny pumpkins are painted using acrylic paint, set out to dry, then attached to stamped kraft paper name tags with a bit of twine. This project combines glamor with rustic simplicity to create something completely gorgeous.

Vicky Barone features tons of fun DIY projects and blog-running tips.


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5. DIY Log Place Cards

These place cards may look simple, but the project itself is pretty ambitious. Instead of using store bought props, this project requires the finding and sawing of a relatively small log. If you’re up for it, making these place cards will result in one amazing Thanksgiving dinner conversation starter.

farm Fresh Therapy is full of amazing farmhouse design inspiration and DIY projects.


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6. DIY Gold Dipped Pear Place Cards

If you can stand to sequester a few pears away for decorative purposes (or get your hands on a few fake ones), this project is perfect for you. The pears are spray painted white, set out to dry, then dipped in gold acrylic paint. The stamped name tags are a gorgeous addition to these gorgeous fruit place cards.

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