9 Pantry Staples For Working Moms

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Whether you are a working mom who grinds it out in an office all day, or you work from home, one thing is for certain- dinner comes around the same time every day. Most of us working moms still take on the responsibility of making dinner, despite having a packed schedule already. But even if you love to cook, dinner sometimes feels ominous as it approaches and you try and figure out what to make. Make it a little easier on yourself by keeping several items in your pantry at all times. We’ve rounded up a simple list of ingredients that can make dinner quick and easy, and less stressful.


1. Canned or Jarred Pasta Sauce

Sauces can make a boring recipe into something savory and fancy. Not only are they great if you’re just whipping up a simple pot of pasta, they can also fill in the gaps on boring baked chicken (pour some over before baking and top with cheese!) or go on some personal mini pizzas.


2. Tortillas

Corn, flour or whole wheat- tortillas are a must in your pantry. If you’re in a bind, you can use them to make quesadillas or burritos. If you’ve got time, you can cry them up to make taco shells or tostadas. They’re also great for breakfast burritos!


3. Beans

Beans are great to keep in the pantry because they are so many varieties! Keep black or refried on hand for bean and cheese burritos. Kidney and cannellini beans are great for chilis and soups.

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