9 Easy And Quick Ways To Be A Better Mom

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Let’s be honest, life can be extremely difficult when you’re a mom. There’s always something that needs to get done whether it be making dinner, cleaning the house, going to work, changing a diaper, giving baths, etc. Doing all of those things all day every day can get really exhausting, which means we get easily frustrated with ourselves and others and often times take it out on our children. There are so many times as a mom where my emotions have taken over and I’ve yelled at my child, said something I shouldn’t have said to him, or didn’t spend quality time with him because I just had too much to do. At the end of the day when he’s soundly sleeping I look back on the day and think about all the things I should or shouldn’t have done and then I start to feel guilty and I resolve to be better the next day. No matter how many times I make this resolve, I still have those really hard mom days where I just want to crawl under the covers and hide from everyone and everything. If you find yourself struggling to enjoy your day with your kiddos, here are 10 easy and quick ways to be a better mom so that your kids know you love them even when you’re frustrated and so you won’t feel guilty at the end of the day.


1. Give Them A Kiss And/Or Hug

I’ve noticed that one of the biggest things that calms me down when I’m having a rough mom day is to get a little kiss or cuddle in with my child. Just a simple kiss can turn my whole day around. Just go up to your kiddo, give them a big hug and kiss them on the cheek. Even if they don’t reciprocate, just hugging them and being able to hold them in your arms makes you appreciate them and reminds you how lucky you are to have them.


2. Share A Treat

If you’re anything like me, this may be a hard one for you. I love treats and when I do come across one, I usually try to hide it from my son and even my husband so I don’t have to share. No judgement please. Anyways, an easy to way to connect with your child for a few moments is to share a yummy treat with them. Sometimes you just need a little sugar to get you through the day and enjoying that piece of deliciousness with your child will put a smile on your face and theirs.


3. Have A Tickle Fight

They say there’s no better medicine than laughter, so have a good laugh with your child and have a tickle fight. It’ll make both of you laugh and take both of your minds off of a hard day. Even just doing this for one minute will relieve some of your stress and allow you to reconnect with your child for a moment.

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