7. Make Simple Things Fun

Sometimes we let the day go by without doing anything fun or exciting. Maybe that’s because there’s grocery shopping to do, homework to get done, meals to cook, etc. However, just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while going about your day. Have a race while walking out to the car from the house, drive a shopping cart all crazy down an empty aisle, make silly faces at each other while shopping. There’s so much you could do to make even the most mundane and simple things seem fun and enjoy a few extra laughs with your child.


8. Jump On The Bed

Ok, I know you’re not supposed to encourage jumping on the bed, but let’s be honest, what kid (and even adult) doesn’t enjoy a few good jumps on the bed? Imagine how happy your child would be to let loose with you and jump on the bed when they’re really not supposed to. It’ll certainly put you all in a good mood and relieve some of that pent up stress.


9. Say “I Love You”

Whenever I tell my son that I love him I seem to melt a little inside. It always helps me to take a step back and realize how much I love them even though they are driving me crazy. It’s also nice for them to hear you tell them that, especially when they may not feel like you do because you’re frustrated with them or having a bad day. Those three little words can make such a huge difference for both of you, so take a quick moment out of your day to simply tell your child, “I love you.”

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