4. Put On Their Favorite Song

Even something as simple as turning on your child’s favorite song on shows them that you’re thinking of them and that you love them, even though you just lost your temper a few minutes ago because you were taking a business call and they were screaming at you because they wanted your attention. While you’re listening to the song, let loose, dance together, and sing your heart out.


5. Scratch Their Back

One of the things my son loves most that I do for him is scratch his back while he’s laying down or watching a TV show. I’ve noticed it calms him down and he appreciates me being there for him. It only takes a few minutes to do and I’ve noticed that it really helps relax me, as well. Besides, maybe they’ll return the favor!


6. Give Them A High Five

Sometimes our kids need a little reassurance from us that they’re doing a good job, especially on those days when we’re in a bad mood. A simple high five lets them know that we’re proud of them and approve of their behavior. I love high fiving my son for the simplest things. You can tell it really brightens his day and makes him feel special.

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