9 Perfectly Painted Pumpkin Ideas

painted pumpkin

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If you love Fall but really aren’t into all the pumpkin hype, chances are you don’t really decorate with them either. For some, it’s just too cliched and too much pumpkin- all.the.time. But I’m here to change your mind and I want to do it with the painted pumpkin. They are unique, easy to do, and the most un-pumpkin you can get. Keep reading for some seriously gorgeous painted pumpkin ideas.

painted pumpkins

Source: PMQForTwo.com

1. Fall Florals

I’m not much of a painter myself, but I might give this painted pumpkin style a try. It’s gorgeous! The white pumpkin serves as the perfect canvas for all the warm Fall tones that make up this floral design. The fact that it’s not a Picasso makes it that much more beautiful.

PMQForTwo.com has an amazing tutorial with tons of video detail to help you recreate this look for your home!

painted pumpkins

Source: CountryLiving.com

2. Pendleton Pumpkins

If you have Native American or Western roots, you are probably familiar with the Pendleton pattern, and perhaps you would like to incorporate into your Fall decor. It’s surprisingly easy to do! You can use simple diamond or stripes stencils, or even washi tape to affix on your pumpkins. This is a great way to pull in your everyday love of this style into your Autumn decorations.

Check out 87 MORE cool pumpkin decorating ideas, and the template for making these Pendleton pumpkins.

painted pumpkins

Source: Tidbits-Cami.com

3. Whitewashed Pumpkins

For you basic decorators out there, this whitewashed pumpkin is for you! It’s just a matter of using some white chalk paint, watering it down with a litter water, and then applying with a rag. You can apply to any color pumpkin to tone down a potentially bright color, and make it perfect for your shabby chic, farmhouse or coastal vibe. Easy peasy!

Check out Tidbits-Cami.com for more tips on getting this look for your home.

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