6 Super Stylish Baby Shower Gifts For A Mom-To-Be

stylish gifts

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We all have that friend: the uber stylish, fashion forward gal who doesn’t like the usual baby registry items from places like Babies R Us or Target. She’s trendy and classy and you want a unique gift for her, despite having a registry full of regular baby essentials. While every mama-to-be is different, we hope this list of stylish gifts for your next baby shower comes in handy!

stylish gifts

Source: Nordstrom.com

1. Robe

Having a baby is a wonderful, emotional experience. Unfortunately, the physical part of labor and the following recovery period can leave new mamas feeling exhausted, uncomfortable and all around gross. A perfect gift for a new mom is a fresh robe. They’ll make her feel pulled together and covered up, a perfect combo. I love these Jersey robes from Nordstrom (they are 2 for $60!) because they come in all sorts of colors and are super comfy, but not so nice they you will fear ruining them with breastmilk or other baby bodily fluids.

stylish gifts

Source: ItzyRitzy.com

2. Nursing Scarf

It can be a nightmare packing a diaper bag and remembering all the accessories you need for finally venturing out into the world with you new baby. That’s why I like this super stylish nursing scarf. It starts out as an accessory you’re already wearing, and then unfolds into a generous nursing cover. When you’re done, just wrap back up around your neck and keep going! No need to cram back into your diaper bag. One less thing to carry!

stylish gifts

Source: FawnDesign.com

3. Diaper Bag

Moms have a love/hate relationship with diaper bags. On the one hand, they are absolutely essential. On the other, no back hurts worse than the mom’s who has been lugging a bulky diaper bag loaded down with baby necessities all day.  Stylish gals won’t pass up an opportunity to add to their bag collection with a functional and fun diaper bag. This particular bag by Fawn Design is the perfect combo of fashion forward, yet completely practical. It has a flat back and rounded shape that means tons of pockets, and a design that rests comfortable against your body. It can be worn as a cross body, backpack or over the shoulder. Pick a neutral color and hand it to your hubby to carry!

Check out the unique styles and colors at FawnDesign.com.


stylish gifts

Source: LittleTeether.com

4. Teething Necklace

It will be several months before baby starts chomping at the bit, but when they do, a new mama will be ready if they have one of these amazing Little Teether teething necklaces. Made with silicone, non-toxic and BPA free silicone, these chewable necklaces are great for baby’s sore gums, and even more perfect for mamas wardrobe.

Check out LittleTeether.com for tons of stylish options that will fit anyone’s budget!

stylish gifts

Source: BecoBabyCarrier.com

5. Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is just as much for mom as it is for baby, and some moms live in them in the first few months. There are TONS of baby carrier options out there, from wraps and slings, to more complicated carriers with straps and buckles. When it comes to style, the carriers from BecoBabyCarrier.com are one of the best. Not only do they have one of the only 4-way carriers on the market, they have the most amazing patterns too. No plain, beige and boring here!


stylish gifts

Source: Etsy.com

6. Jewelry

If there’s one thing we mama’s love, it’s proudly displaying our kids and that includes jewelry like this. It’s sweet and thoughtful, and something a stylish friend would adore. You can’t go wrong with a heirloom piece of jewelry like this!


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stylish gifts

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