7 Fun Baby Shower Games You’ll Actually Want To Play

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Let’s just be honest with each other for a minute: baby shower games are dreadful. Most everyone I know hates going to a baby shower just because they don’t want to play the stupid games. I’m certainly one of those people. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a time and a place for certain baby shower games. There really are some fun and entertaining ones, but playing the typical same old baby games over and over at baby showers is not fun and gets really old. If you’ve got your own baby shower coming up, or are planning one for a friend or family member, don’t make the same mistake as every other baby shower host before you. Don’t play the typical baby shower games. Instead, try some of these 7 games that are actually really fun and that the guests will actually want to play.


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1. Baby Face Mashup

This may be one of the funniest baby shower games ever. Take some head shots of the mom and dad to be before the party, then print out enough copies for each guest, then cut them into strips. Let each guest put together a face using mom’s and dad’s features to make what they think the baby will look like. This certainly looks fun and will definitely get a few laughs out of people.

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2. Don’t Say Baby

This is an incredibly easy game to plan for a baby shower and will certainly keep all of your guests on their toes. All you have to do is have every guest pin a few diaper cloth pins on their clothes when they arrive, then if they say the word baby at all during the duration of the shower, the person that heard the word gets to take one of their pins. The person with the most pins at the end wins a prize! Easy and fun.

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3. Name That Baby

This game takes a little preparation, but it’ll be fun and worth it for your guest’s enjoyment. Ask each guest to send you a copy of one of their baby pictures, then put them all on display and have guests guess which baby is who. The person with the most correct guesses wins! This will definitely be a hard game, but seeing all the baby pictures will be so fun and cute to look at.

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4. Late Night Diapers

This technically isn’t a game, but I absolutely love the idea behind this. When guests show up to the shower give them a diaper and a permanent marker. Ask them to write something funny and encouraging on the diaper to give the new mom a little pick-me-up for those late night diaper changes when all she wants to do is sleep and can’t. Have some guests share what they wrote, or pick out a few of your favorites to share. Some of them will definitely get you laughing.

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5. Scratch-N-Win Tickets

Playing the lottery is always fun, so why not play the lottery at the baby shower? Well, technically it’s not the lottery, but you can buy baby themed scratcher tickets that the guests can scratch off to see if they’ve won. There’s no greater thrill than scratching off that ticket with the anticipation that you may win it big!


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6. The Price Is Right

Ok, honestly, isn’t The Price Is Right one of the best game shows of all time? I don’t know a single person that doesn’t love the show and wouldn’t love to go on it themselves. Why not recreate this game for your upcoming baby shower? Put out a bunch of baby items and have your guests guess the prices of the items. The person with the closest grand total of all the products (without going over, of course) wins the prize!

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7. Hot Potato Dirty Diaper

Remember the game Hot Potato you used to play when you were a kid? Well, make this a baby shower themed game by filling a diaper with something like melted chocolate so it looks like a nasty, dirty diaper. Have the guests pass the diaper around to some baby themed music. When the music stops, the person still holding the diaper is out. Keep playing until there is only one person left as the winner! It’s sure to get your guests laughing and screaming and having a great time.

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