10 Fun Ways To Surprise Your Spouse & Spice Up Your Marriage

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Has your marriage lost it’s spark? Are you and your spouse in a rut? Do you simply need some ideas for keeping your marriage fresh and fun? A great way to do all of those things is to surprise your spouse. There are so many fun ways to surprise your spouse with fun things to do and gifts. Everyone loves being surprised, especially by someone they love and appreciate so much. It makes you feel special and loved. Here are 10 ways you can surprise your spouse so they know that you love and appreciate them and want to have fun with them as well.


Source: michaelplatco.tumblr.com

1. Nerf Gun War

How fun would it be to come home to this note left on your door? It’s so fun to let loose and have fun with your spouse and this is a great way to do it. The best part is that you can even include your kids in this activity. Get them together and gang up against daddy when he comes home from work. It’ll definitely get the whole family laughing and having fun together and will show your spouse that you enjoy spending time with them.

(Check out mplatco.com on tumbler for other fun ideas like this one to do with your spouse as well as see other great photograph).


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2. Water Fight

This is a similar idea to the nerf gun war, but this time its with water guns and water balloons. This game, of course, is one that would have to be played in the backyard unless you don’t care about your home getting all wet. It’s a great way to let everyone in your family let loose and destress. Simply have fun together and fight!

(Head over to Double The Batch for more fun family activities like this one, parenting and marriage advice, yummy recipes and more).


3. Surprise Notes

There’s no better way to surprise your spouse than with something simple like a love note. It’s really easy to do and doesn’t take longer than a few minutes to write a note to your loved one. You can leave it on the fridge for them to find when they go to make breakfast, slip it in their breif case for them to find at work, or leave it on their windshield before they leave in the morning. Either way it will brighten their day getting a note from the one they love saying how much they love and appreciate them.

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