9 Rose Gold Products You Need In Your Life

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Rose gold has become increasingly popular over the past few years in fashion and design. It is a seriously beautiful color that goes with almost anything and looks great no matter what you put it on. Since it has become so popular, you can find it on almost anything, which means there are lots of beautiful rose gold products out there. Here are just 9 really beautiful rose gold products that we love and think you’ll love, too.


Source: target.com

1. Essie Nail Polish

I’m a sucker for nail polish, especially when it comes to really beautiful colors like this one. I mean, how pretty is this color, “Penny Talk” by Essie? It’s the perfect amount of shimmer and will really glam up your manicure no matter what time of year it is. Another great thing about it is that it’s really subtle, but still wonderfully beautiful, so it will go with just about anything.


Source: joythestore.com

2. Rose Gold Terrarium

We’ve all seen those beautiful geometric terrariums and home decor pieces in gold and silver, but this terrarium in rose gold is even more gorgeous than those others simply because it’s rose gold! I mean, seriously, the rose gold compliments the white rocks and the colors of the succulents so well. It’s like they were made for each other. The great thing about this product is that you can place it on a table, or hang it from a ceiling, giving you more decorating options.


Source: casetify.com

3. iPhone Case

We use our phones every single day, so having a beautiful phone case is a must. I mean, if you have to use it and look at it everyday, it might as well be really pretty, right? There are lots of rose gold phone cases out there, but I loved the ombre effect on this one from the glitter. It’s certainly eye catching and I don’t know about you, but I would feel more glamorous using this on my phone.

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