4 Amazing Arm Knitting Tutorials You Need To Check Out Now

arm knitting

Whether you are a lover of the Hygge trend or just adore cozy blankets, the arm knitting trend that’s taking over Pinterest is for you. There’s no need for special knitting skills, and even a first time knitter can produce an amazing arm knit blanket in under an hour. If you’ve been dying to check out this trend and make your own, we’ve got some of the best arm knitting tutorials around. Happy knitting!

arm knit

Source: TheDIYMommy.com

1. The 45 Minute Blanket

A loose weave and over-sized yarn are the foundation for this quick 45-minute arm knit blanket. While the processing of “casting off” takes a bit of a practice, once you get the hang of it you’ll be arm knitting in no time.

Check out the results at TheDIYMommy.com as well as a super helpful video from Simply Maggie.

arm knitting

Source: TheHappyNester.com

2. Chunky Arm Knit Throw

Excuse me while I grab a book and cup of coffee to enjoy under this giant chunky arm knit throw! This particular tutorial uses 7 pounds of high-quality wool that will set you back a pretty penny ($64 for 2 pounds) but it’s still cheaper than purchasing an oversized one at your favorite home store (hello, Pottery Barn). The method is the same, but this wool really takes this throw blanket up a notch!

Head to TheHappyNester.com for the tutorial and a coupon for this gorgeous wool!

arm knitting

Source: HomedIt.com

3. Arm Knit Pillow Cover

Can we just be honest and say that throw pillows are freaking expensive? Good luck paying less than $30 PER pillow when it comes to dressing up your space. That’s why I love this arm knit pillow cover, because you can just cover up an old ugly pillow and make it extra cozy!

Check out the super detailed tutorial with tons of photos over at HomedIt.com.


arm knitting

Source: TheSnugglery.net

4. 10-Minute Cowl

Advanced arm knitters may have this Tunisian Crochet cowl a little more exciting. A hybrid of crocheting and knitting, this detailed weave yields a super delicate and detailed look that’s perfect for that cowl scarf you’ve been needing to shield against the chilly winter months.

Check out the super detailed steps from TheSnugglery.net.


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arm knitting

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