Candy Corn Decor Ideas For This Halloween

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Candy Corn is probably one of the most iconic types of candy ever made and sold in the United States. It’s triangular shape and classic colors of white, orange and yellow that mimic the appearance of actual kernels of corn are regular staples during the Halloween season. And it’s estimated that over 20 MILLION pounds of candy corn is sold every year! Now that’s a lot of candy! If you find yourself a huge lover of this special and seasonal candy, you may want to consider making it a part of your Halloween decor. Even if you don’t use the actual candy, there are plenty of ways to create the candy corn look and incorporate it into your home this holiday season.



1. Candy Corn Garland

Make candy corn a main stay this Halloween by creating a garland featuring this corn-shaped treat. Glue to yarn or thread with a needle and then drape over your mantle for the most delicious looking (and tasting) garland of all time. It’s a great way to enjoy your favorite Halloween candy, without worrying about all that sugar.

Head over to for 16 more ways to use candy corn in your home this holiday!



2. Terra Cotta Pumpkins

Everyone loves a sweet treat, so stow this year’s stash of candy corn in these adorable terra cotta pumpkins. With some creative painting, you can turn an ordinary terra cotta pot into the perfect candy dish. Not only is this a great way to keep plenty of candy corn on display, but it lasts the entire fall season!

Visit to get the full tutorial for these cute pumpkins, as well as one for terra cotta apples too!



3. Candy Corn Ombre Wine Bottles

There’s finally a reason you’ve been storing those empty wine bottles, and it’s these Candy Corn Ombre Wine Bottles! Covered in three layers of the iconic colors of candy corn, these wine bottles are a fun and chic way to dress up your home for fall, without any cheesy decorations. These are surprisingly simple to do (I made a set for my home last year!) and are alway a conversation piece.

You’ll find all the details for making your own ombre bottles at

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