Awesome Egg Recipes for Your Family’s Easter Breakfast

egg recipes

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Easter is coming. Before the little ones stuff their faces with chocolate, stuff them with eggs — the real kind. Eggs go with everything Easter and taste delicious in their versatile breakfast incarnations. You can scramble, fry, bake, boil and poach them, among other cooking techniques. Here are a few awesome egg recipes for your family’s Easter breakfast.

egg recipes

1. Mediterranean Hummus Egg Smash

Take a classic hummus recipe and let a poached egg run all over the top. You can pick up hummus in the grocery store, but it’s better if you make your own. Soak the chickpeas overnight with at least two inches of water on top.

You’ll make the hummus, poach the egg, and then combine two of the best things on Earth for Easter breakfast. Serve with a large pita or mini pitas for ultimate scooping action. You’re welcome.

2. Stewed Peppers and Tomatoes With Eggs

Why worry about a complicated breakfast with everything else going on for Easter? Make stewed peppers and tomatoes with eggs as a one skillet recipe with fresh herbs. Heat the oil and onion. Add spices and ingredients, cracking the eggs in wells cleared in the sauce, and let it cook more until the egg whites set. Yum!

3. Parmesan Egg-in-a-Hole

Keep breakfast simple with a classic egg-in-a-hole toast recipe. Just add fresh Parmesan on top to up your egg-in-a-hole toast game and impress the family with this tasty upgrade. Texas toast style bread is the best for the thickness, but you can use a similarly thick bread.

egg recipes

4. Egg Drop Soup

Who said you can’t have soup for breakfast? No one! Egg drop soup is the perfect light and soothing Easter breakfast meal.

You only need to use three base ingredients for this easy soup: broth, eggs and cornstarch for body — everything else adds a texture or flavor, including tofu, mushrooms, greens, star anise and cinnamon. Don’t be afraid to work with what you have on hand.

5. Lasagna Omelet

Yes, you can have breakfast and dinner all in one meal, as lasagna and eggs meet to complete this love story of an omelet recipe. Combine three eggs with beef, spinach, cheeses, marinara sauce, chorizo mix and spices in a single pan and cook it. Nothing fancy here — just easy and tasty.

6. Farmers Market Quiche

Expecting family over for Easter and need something easy to throw together without it looking that way? Enter farmers market quiche.

Fill a small basket with veggies to make a simple quiche, and you’re all set! Use a mandolin or knife to thinly slice fresh veggies and fruits, such as zucchini, onions and tomatoes, and slide them into the quiche to bake.

Add a fancy cheese to make the recipe feel and taste more decadent — Gruyere is highly suggested.

egg recipes

7. Overnight Sausage, Egg and Croissant Breakfast Bake

Get your guests to relax with morning mimosas while you pop the overnight sausage, egg and croissant breakfast bake in the oven to heat. It’s an all-in-one breakfast meal made overnight by browning the sausage and combining it with eggs, cubed croissants and Monterrey and cheddar cheeses with spices.

No need to worry about presentation. Let your guests dig in and enjoy.

8. Gluten-Free Egg-in-a-Hole

Try this gluten-free egg-in-a-hole twist using bell peppers to contain the eggs. The beauty of the recipe is baking it in the oven. Slice bell peppers in half, boat-like, and crack eggs into the bell peppers with cheddar cheese, bacon and spices. Bake until the whites set.

9. Egg Salad Sandwich

Go classic and use up boiled Easter eggs with an egg salad sandwich on a buttery croissant. The kids can help smash up the eggs and stir it up with the mayo, mustard, vinegar, chives and other ingredients. Plop it on the croissants with no hassle. Add spinach or lettuce and thinly sliced radishes for extra crunch and color.

10. Egg Stuffed Mushrooms

Get your protein in bite-sized egg stuffed mushrooms — the danger is in eating too many as you toss them back like popcorn.

You can also use boiled Easter eggs as mushroom stuffing with onion, wine, butter, garlic, crumbs parsley and blue cheese. If the kids hate blue cheese, substitute a different kind. Bake for a few minutes and add paprika on top.

These awesome egg recipes will make your family Easter breakfast unforgettable. Plus, the recipes are no-fuss, with simple pantry ingredients and a little fancifying while using up boiled Easter eggs.

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Awesome Egg Recipes for Your Family's Easter Breakfast


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