7 Easy Mascara Tips and Tricks For Great Lashes

mascara tips

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Moms don’t always have a ton of time for a full face of makeup, but most of us can whip on a few coats of mascara to help us feel a little pulled together before heading out the door. As it turns out, we could be doing it all wrong. Keep reading for some super easy mascara tips to get the best lashes.

mascara tips

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1. Use a Toothbrush To Remove Clumps

Oh the many uses of a toothbrush: brushing teeth, cleaning soiled car seats and now, removing clumps from your mascara! You don’t need to try and pick out said clumps with your nails anymore (super messy and you end up taking off all the mascara anyways) if you use a clean toothbrush to gently brush them off. BAM!

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mascara tips

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2. Use Baby Powder for Fuller Lashes

If volumizing mascara only gives you major, clumpy lashes than try dusting some baby powder on in between coats. Don’t put on too much or you’ll have a hard time covering up all that white powder with mascara, but a little should do the trick and give you plump, but natural looking lashes.

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mascara tips

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3. Use Visine to Thin Out Thickened Mascara

Beauty experts say you should always toss old mascara after 3 months, but I bet most of us hold on to it longer than that. If that’s you, and yours has gotten a bit clumpy, add a few drops of Visine to help thin out your mascara. It will also keep it from drying out if you’re trying to use up that last little bit before opening a new tube.

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mascara tips

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4. Wipe off Excess Mascara Before Applying

Many times, more mascara than we need comes out on the wand. Instead of trying to work with a brush coated in too much product, wipe some off on a tissue to get a more even application that has fewer clumps.

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