10 Family-Oriented Vacation Spots Around The World

Family-Oriented Vacation Spots

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When you think of family holidays, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Theme parks and zoos? Well, it doesn’t have to be like that!

There are several vacation spots that you and your kids can enjoy together. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of these remarkable destinations. Browse through them and see which of these will make it to your travel bucket list:

Family-Oriented Vacation Spots

1. Lapland, Finland

Ideal for children: 4+

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the winter wonderland? Lapland is the closest place to that dream! Known as the hometown of Santa Claus, Lapland has a variety of activities for adults and kids. You can ski, visit a reindeer farm, or go for a snow safari; this place can cater to all your outdoor winter fantasies. However, the main attraction of Lapland is the Northern Lights – a slideshow of nature’s multi-colored lights visible around 200 nights a year. To observe nature in its full glory, you will have to go at least 60 degrees towards the north

The customary way to view the Northern Lights is to go sled dog touring or snowshoeing. Nevertheless, you can opt for the comfortable option of sky gazing in a cozy setting as well.

Family-Oriented Vacation Spots

Source: Richard Probst via flickr

2. Port Angeles, Washington

Ideal for children: 8+

Port Angeles offers many exciting vacation spots for families, but the one that all the children get excited about is the Olympic National Park. The park has a versatile eco-system with tropical rainforests, coastal tide pools, and mountain vistas. It is the ideal place to revitalize and connect with your family and nature. Plus, there are several picnic areas spread throughout the park with meal facilities.

Also, the place holds several other attractions, including a hiking trail, a forest with bright yellow banana slugs, tide pools filled with crabs and snails, and glow worms after sunset. Of the many attractions for kids, the most popular is the Discovery Room present in the main visitor center. It has puppets, interactive touch tables, Ranger Station playhouse, and more.

Family-Oriented Vacation Spots

3. The Greek Islands

Ideal for children: 1+

For exotic beaches, famous relics, lively villages, and mouth-watering food visit the Greek Islands. With an abundance of historical sites, the islands offer a unique experience for people of all ages. Rent a villa at one of the islands and experience the cultural magnificence.

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