Hair Alternatives That Won’t Wreak Havoc On Your Hair

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As busy mothers, we’re all likely to have a set hair routine that is efficient, does the job and leaves us feeling ready to take on the day. But what’s easiest may not always be the best for our hair in the long run. As hair health is just as important as skin health or physical health, all moms should know hair tricks that are easy to make and will show a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your hair!

Your Pillowcase

If you’re ever wondering why you wake up with frizzy hair, your pillowcase might be the culprit! Even though cotton is the most common kind of cloth for pillowcases, it’s not necessarily the best option to sleep on. While cotton is a breathable material, it’s not the best choice for your hair or skin health. As we sleep on cotton, it robs our hair of moisture leading to frizzy and possibly tangled hair in the morning.

Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

Instead of cotton, use a silk pillowcase for your slumber. The smooth silk will help keep your hair from becoming frizzy and prevent you from waking up with facial creases, helping to reduce the appearance of future wrinkles.

Hair Dye

Every woman wants to change up her hair every now and then. Often, with the change of seasons comes a new hair color to go along with it. Even though a brand-new look can leave us feeling confident and ready to take on the world, not all hair dyes we apply to our hair are healthy. With many dyes containing sulfates, ammonia and parabens, all the chemicals can end up damaging your hair follicles.

Image by Arturs Budkevics from Pixabay

Before you dye your hair the next time, look to products that will give you the hair color you desire but the healthiest version possible. Women-owned company, oVertone is a perfect example of this, as their main initiative is to create healthy color for your hair. Using only natural ingredients, their at-home hair color will give you the healthiest hair color possible!


As we all generally like to try and dry our hair as fast as possible, an easily accessible way to dry our tresses is through towel drying. But using a heavy, possibly damp towel to dry your hair is not the recommended route to take. Your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet, so rubbing it with a cotton or terry cloth towel can cause severe damage and worsen your split ends; leading to dry and frizzy hair as a result.

Image by Gentelle_Linen from Pixabay

Instead of using a typical towel, use a specialized microfiber hair towel instead. The microbers will help to reduce breakage as well as dry your hair in an effective amount of time! Another option is to take advantage of that old unused shirt you’ve been planning on donating and instead use it as a hair towel. Similar to a microfiber towel, the t-shirt will help to reduce frizz while also absorbing excess water.

Hair Ties

As moms we all know the easiest solution to solving a hair problem is by throwing it up in a bun. But what we use to put our hair up could be causing more damage to our hair than we know. If you pull your hair back too tight or put your hair up as soon as you get out of the shower, the hair ties can cause pressure to your hairline, leading to damaged hair follicles.

Photo by Edgar Martínez from Pexels

Instead of using typical elastic hair bands, use scrunchies or hair ties that have a soft and stretchy material. Not only will they spruce up your outfit, but it will also put less pressure on your hairline. Another alternative is to avoid hair ties altogether and stick to sporting other easy summer hairstyles or put your hair up using only bobby pins.

What are some of your hacks for healthy hair?

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