5 Healthy Green Smoothies That Will Jump Start Your Day

green smoothies

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Just last week, I got one of the most amazing inventions of all time- a Vitamix blender. Now, I know you’re thinking- are you a 1950’s housewife? A blender? What’s the big deal?

Oh, it’s all the deals.

But this post isn’t to sell you on a particular brand of blender. It’s all about getting you hooked on healthy smoothies that will help prepare you for busy days by giving you lots of energy that comes with superfoods you can easily make into a smoothie! Green smoothies are a super easy way to get your fruit and veggie servings in each day, are refreshing, simple to make and great for taking as you head out the door. I’ve been looking for some new recipes to mix things up and here are some of my favorites.

green smoothies

Source: GarnishAndGlaze.com

1. Pineapple Spinach Green Smoothie

Spinach is a great superfood packed antioxidants, vitamins and other anti-inflammatory nutrients. If you don’t particularly enjoy the taste or texture of spinach, a smoothie is the perfect way to get the healthy properties pain-free. By combining fruits like pineapple and bananas, you will completely cover up all traces of the earthier taste of spinach. Add a little yogurt for creaminess and a liquid like water (what I use) or a nut milk, and you have a super smoothie that’s delicious and healthy.

Check out the full recipe at GarnishAndGlaze.com.

green smoothies


2. Pear Ginger Chia Green Smoothie

Add some extra green to your morning smoothie by adding some pear to your blender. Coupled with the zing of some fresh ginger, that helps aid in digestion, along with the amazing qualities of chia seeds (low in calories, high in fiber, protein and antioxidants), this smoothie puts the super in super smoothie.

Check out other quick and easy recipes from YayForFood.com.

green smoothies

Source: TheGlowingFridge.com

3. Green Detox Smoothie

We all have those mornings (or days, or weeks…) where we just feel worn out, rundown and overall unhealthy. And while no one likes feeling that way, it’s the perfect time to incorporate a detox smoothie into your diet.  Blend foods like lemon, celery, kale, cucumber, banana and pineapple that boast of properties like vitamins, iron, plant protein and detox abilities. This may not be your garden variety sweet smoothie, but it’s definitely picked from the garden and will get you feeling back to normal (or even better) in no time.

Learn how to incorporate even more plant-based foods into your everyday diet at TheGlowingFridge.com.

green smoothies

Source: Nutriciously.com

4. Green Apple Ginger Smoothie

Kale has risen to the top of the healthy food chain in recent years, but for some people (ahem, me), consuming the extremely earthy-tasting plant can be difficult. Despite knowing how extremely beneficial this food is, it doesn’t make it any easier when it comes to eating it! That’s why this smoothie with apple, ginger, banana and OJ is right up my alley. All those fruits and herbs really work to cover up the kale taste, without diminishing it’s superfood properties.

If you’re looking for other great tasting and healthy smoothies, check out Nutriciously.com.

green smoothies

Source: ProjectMealPlan.com

5. Creamy Avocado Mint Green Smoothie

If you’re all about the creaminess, this avocado mint smoothie is going to hit the spot. Greek yogurt and avocado form the base for this drink, which also has mint and mango, banana, almond milk and also spinach to give it that gorgeous but natural green color. You’ll be walking out the door with an extra spring in your step thanks to this morning smoothie!

Get other tips on healthy meal planning from ProjectMealPlan.com.


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green smoothies

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