Tis the season to stay inside and keep your hands and hearts warm with hot drinks, and hot chocolate is one of my favorites. When I’m not whipping up a quick cup in my Keurig (ain’t nobody got time to make it from scratch every day), I really like making our family’s traditional hot chocolate over the stove. Thinking about how happy and cozy it makes me feel, got me wondering what others are out there. Here are just a few hot chocolate recipes I found and I hope you try some and let me know how they are!

hot chocolate recipes

Source: CookingClassy.com

1. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Caramel sauce, whole milk, bittersweet chocolate chips and whipped cream- the makings of a cup of heaven! Or in this case, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. This recipe will warm you up from the tips of your toes, with it’s unique salted caramel taste and chocolaty goodness that only rich chocolate can bring.

Snag the entire recipe and tons of others at CookingClassy.com.

hot chocolate recipes

Source: TheGrantLife.com

2. S’Mores Hot Chocolate

Two words: S’Mores SYRUP. Yes, my friends, it’s an ingredient you probably don’t have on hand, but if you love S’Mores, it’s so worth it. Other than this special ingredient, the rest of this recipe is a relatively straightforward mixture of cocoa powder, sugar, water, milk and toppings. Who needs summer when you can enjoy one of these?

Visit TheGrantLife.com for more family-friendly recipes!

hot chocolate recipes

Source: TheFrugalGirls.com

3. Crockpot White Hot Chocolate

Three ingredients, one slow cooker and two hours until you’re holding a steamy mug of this decadent white hot chocolate in your hands! Made with just milk, vanilla extract and white chocolate chips, this would be a great way to welcome the kids home from a chilly day at school or for a holiday party.

Check out how easy this recipe is at TheFrugalGirls.com.

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