How To Create A Modern Zen Bathroom To Regain Mindfulness And Inspiration

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Today’s world is as erratic as it is stressful. People crave relaxation and a calm tranquility that will let them reflect on their thoughts and think about their day. Coincidentally, that is one of the purposes of a bathroom, or at least it should be. When you find yourself having a bath and getting away from the stresses of work, you want it to happen in the most calming environment possible.

1. Consider Natural Lighting

Lighting is one element that a lot of people take for granted. They don’t realize the impact that a little bit of natural light has on a room. This is especially true for rooms like the bathroom, where you should spend a lot of your time relaxing.

Unlike other rooms in your home, you can’t exactly introduce natural light in most conventional ways. The bathroom is supposed to be a closed-off oasis, which means that too many windows are out of the question. A skylight window would be a great option if your bathroom is adjacent to the roof. On the other hand, there’s no reason why a couple of candles can’t be introduced as well.

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2. Isolate with Sound Design

When someone says the word “Zen”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For most people, it’s silence and tranquility. A big part of practicing mindfulness and harnessing inspiration is avoiding any outside distractions that might influence your mind. Considering the fact that a great majority of people live in big cities, it becomes obvious why sound pollution is such a crucial thing to watch out for.

You should design your bathroom to block out a lot of external sounds. This will allow you to enter into your calm oasis without the sounds of the hustle and bustle of the surrounding world. It’s perfect for relaxing and getting away from it all.

3. Organic Elements

It’s no secret that nature is relaxing. People like natural things that bring them one step close to nature. Even the tiniest details can influence how relaxed and at peace we are. This is why you should strive to bring as many organic elements to your bathroom as possible.

Everything from the mat to the towels should be made of a material that isn’t synthetic. Organic woven rugs are a good option. A lot of people like to bring pebbles and natural wooden surfaces into their bathroom design. These will help you feel at peace while you’re relaxing inside.

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4. De-Clutter

One of the most important parts of creating a Zen bathroom is creating a clean and tidy look. A lot of people believe that the tidiness of a room reflects one’s current state of mind. The truth is no different for bathrooms.

When your bathroom is cluttered with tons of bottles, cleaners, and unnecessary plastic elements, you can be sure that you won’t feel completely relaxed. Make sure that everything has its place and purpose, and anything that isn’t currently useful is stored away so that it doesn’t create a visually unappealing view.

5. Reflect on Getting a Mirror

Every bathroom needs a mirror. How else are you expected to get ready in the morning right after taking a shower? However, the kind of mirror you pick out says a lot about your bathroom and you as a person. A tiny mirror for the sake of getting ready won’t compliment a relaxing and Zen-like atmosphere.

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You want something that is large and spacious. A mirror that complements your bathroom design and gives it a much better look. A big mirror not only gives you a good view of the great design choices you’ve made, but it also makes the room feel a lot bigger and more relaxing. Cover part of a wall, and you can enjoy the natural light refracting over and over throughout the bathroom, giving you a gorgeous view.

6. Create Calming Colors

People often underestimate the effect of colors on the human mind. They have an enormous influence on our subconscious. The color of your bathroom can decide how comfortable you feel inside of it.

When you decide to go and pick out some ceramic tiles from Acqua Bathrooms, you need to keep their color in mind. White and off-white colors are great for a sterile-looking environment, but to truly relax and feel at home, you might need to look at some more earthy colors. Decide on a dominant color and let your imagination run wild with the accessories. As long as they match the aesthetic of your chosen earthy color, you can rest easy knowing that you will feel relaxed.

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7. Think of Comfort

Comfort is a big part of Zen design. It’s impossible to separate the physical from the mental. If your body isn’t at ease, how can your mind feel relaxed? To create the perfect balance, you need to provide yourself with some comfort.

Having a bathtub is a no-brainer. It allows you to lie down and relax while the lukewarm water surrounds you. Standing showers are for those who are in a rush. You want to be able to stop and enjoy the moment while cleaning yourself. A towel warmer isn’t out of the question, either. There’s hardly anything more comfortable than a nice warm towel in the winter.


A lot of people forego quality bathroom design because they don’t realize the potential for relaxation. Having your own personal oasis lets you practice mindfulness in peace while cleaning both your body and your spirit. If you add some of these elements to your personal bathroom oasis, you certainly won’t regret having this kind of luxury in your life.

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