6 Lactation Recipes To Help Your Milk Supply

Lactation recipes

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It’s no secret that nursing moms have an unstoppable appetite. The whole “eating for two” may be even more real now then when you were pregnant. Unfortunately, while you do need to keep packing on the calories, this doesn’t mean hamburger and fries for lunch should be on the agenda everyday. Instead you want high nutritional foods that are filled with milk-making ingredients. While these are not a proven cure for low supply (and if that is your struggle you should certainly talk with a lactation consultant and your practitioner), many mamas have said to have experienced a boost in their milk production. If anything, they recipes are a surefire way for you to get those extra calories in a healthy and delicious way.

Lactation Cookie Bar

Source: Mary Makes Good

1. Baby Mama Bars

These look delicious and breastfeeding or not, I definitely don’t need an excuse to eat them. With ingredients like whole oats, flax seeds, hemp hearts, and brewer’s yeast, these milk making bars are packed full of goodness.

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No-Bake Lactation Bites

Source: The Baker Mama

2. No-Bake Lactation Bites

As a busy new mama, you may not always have time to bake. Enter these yummy lactation bites. With no oven time you can throw them together in no time at all by simply combining all ingredients, except chocolate chips in electric mixer. Then stir in chocolate chips, roll into balls and place on lined baking sheet. You can eat right away or chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes. Perfect for on the go snacking.

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Lactation Smoothie

Source: We’re Parents Blog

3. Lactation Milkshake

Smoothies are probably the easiest way to get that milk-making goodness everyday. Extra bonus is they are super fast to make and taste delicious. Even though these are perfect for lactating moms, this healthy recipe can also be enjoyed by the whole family!

We’re Parents have everything from travel tips, recipes and their “semi-cruchy” lifestyle topics for you to browse.

Source: We’re Parents Blog

4. No-Bake Protein Bars

This other simple no-bake option is chock-full of nuts, oats, berries and everything else that is good for you. Combine all ingredients together in large bowl, then spoon mixture into a lined 8×8 pan. Freeze for 2-3 hours then, enjoy!

We’re Parents have everything from travel tips, recipes and their “semi-cruchy” lifestyle topics for you to browse.

Source: Tastes Lovely

5. Dairy Free Lactation Cookies

While this isn’t the case for everyone, may women have to remove dairy from their diet completely while nursing. If this is the case then these dairy-free lactation cookies are for you. Filled with the same nutritional benefits as other lactation cookies such as oats, flax seed, hemp seed and brewers yeast, but without the diary products. With a light and crispy outside and soft and chewy center, eating these definitely will not be a chore. 😉

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Pumpkin Lactation Muffins

Source: Love And Zest

6. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Lactation Muffins

It may not be Fall but I can go for pumpkin flavored anything all year round, and these muffins are no exception. Deliciously moist, and packed full of nutrition, these are a yummy snack for nursing moms (or hungry dads). Instead of the usual sugar and butter these muffins are made with applesauce and coconut oil so your can feel extra good about eating one, or three.

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