6 Spring Recipes Using Seasonal Fruits & Veggies

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Trying new recipes is fun. And while you usually have a specific reason for trying a new recipe, sometimes finding one “just because” is fun too. Like “just because” it’s spring, and you want to try something seasonal. Instead of just looking for a general spring recipe, why not narrow it down to slightly healthier options? Fruits and veggies are always best when they are fresh and in season. During the spring, there are fruits and veggies that you can totally use to mix up some delicious dishes. I wish I could share a recipe for every seasonal fruit and veggie, but these 6 are the ones that I think you’ll have the most fun trying. Bon appetit!

spring recipessource: The View From Great Island

1. Apricot Pie

Why not start with dessert, right? Mmm mmm, this looks yummy! I’m a sucker for fruit pies, and this would be a great choice to serve at a spring get together. Or, “just because” it’s Thursday. Or any day. Stock up on those fresh apricots next time you’re at the farmers’ market, and then hit the kitchen to whip this up.

You’ll find the full recipe and baking instructions on The View From Great Island.

spring recipessource: The Girl Who Ate Everything

2. Spinach Parmesan Rice Bake

Most kids cringe when they hear the word “spinach.” But maybe “parmesan” and “rice” will win them over. If not, there’s more of this deliciousness for you to enjoy! This healthy meal could be served as a main dish or a side. Perhaps you could even make a spring spinach salad to have beforehand.

Check out the full recipe details from The Girl Who Ate Everything.

spring recipessource: Barefeet in the Kitchen

3. Pineapple Jalapeno Salsa

Add a kick to your dinner table by serving this sweet and spicy salsa as an appetizer. Perfect for a night with friends, enjoy this with tortilla chips and a margarita. It would work for a Cinco de Mayo celebration too!

Head over to Barefeet in the Kitchen, where you’ll find the list of ingredients and directions for making this.

spring recipessource: Lil’ Luna

4. Asparagus & Tater Toss

If your children resist when you offer them asparagus, try adding bacon and potatoes to the mix. In fact, maybe try wrapping the bacon around the asparagus to trick them into eating it. Or, just make this seasonal dish and enjoy it, whether or not they decide to join you.

The ingredients and instructions can be found on Lil’ Luna.

spring recipessource: Little Sweet Baker

5. Mango Pudding

You know, I’ve never been big on mango flavored anything. I think it’s somewhat an acquired taste. But this pudding sounds sooo yummy! With coconut milk and coconut garnish, this probably has a sweet taste that will delight anyone and would be lovely as an after dinner dessert.

Check out the recipe video tutorial on Little Sweet Baker.

spring recipessource: The Seasoned Mom

6. Southern Pea Salad

I’ll tell you right now, this is not a kid-friendly recipe. With ingredients like peas, red onion, pimento and Greek yogurt, this is better served as a side dish at your next ladies’ brunch. This recipe is super easy, super healthy and super perfect for your seasonal spring recipe book.

The Seasoned Mom tells you how to toss it together.

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