Stinky House? Here’s A Simple Method To Naturally Deodorize Your Home!

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Have you ever walked into another person’s home and thought to yourself, “What is that smell?”

Well, people have most likely done the same to your home, to be honest. Each of our homes come with their own set of smells, from years of cooking and living in them. As we speak, my house reeks of bacon from this morning’s breakfast (definitely not a bad smell, though, if you ask me!).

If you’ve noticed your house’s smell and wanted to freshen up the place, you’ve probably purchased your fair share of air fresheners to eliminate the odor. But those can be costly and who knows what exactly you’re spraying into your home and breathing in. 

Expert YouTube star Melissa Maker has come to our rescue with a natural way to deodorize your home and freshen its smell. Simmer slices of orange with cinnamon and you have a DIY air freshener! It’s safe, non-toxic and very versatile! Click the video below and learn how to make this amazing air freshener for your home.

These are amazing ideas, and I can’t believe I’ve never thought of these. Thank you, Melissa! How about you, do you make your own air fresheners? Please tell us some of your recipes!

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