She Dropped Lemon Oil In This Container & The Result Is Amazing!

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Do you love the benefits of cleaning with vinegar but hate the smell? We’ve been showing you a lot of vinegar cleaning videos lately and you probably want to put some of that new knowledge to use. But if you can’t stand the smell, you may be holding back. Expert Leslie Reichert has a great tip for covering up that strong odor by using Lemon essential oils. Drop 7-10 drops in your vinegar solution to cover up that smell and you’ll be cleaning in no time! Of all the essential oils, lemon is among the more inexpensive ones, but it has many uses. Watch this video to see one of them!

My husband will love this, because he cringes whenever I whip out vinegar! Do you find yourself using essential oils for cleaning products too? Let us know how in our comments below!

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