7 Stylish Teething Necklaces We Can’t Wait To Sink Our Teeth Into

teething necklaces

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How we handle baby teething has changed dramatically in the last 5 years. We no longer rely on over the counter teething tablets (hello, belladonna!) and we look more towards baltic amber jewelry for our little ones and seriously fashionable teething necklaces for ourselves! We’ve rounded up some insanely stylish teething necklaces to go with every outfit and take a bite out of your little one’s teething pain.

teething necklaces

Source: LittleTeether.com

1. Geo Teething Necklace

Coming in every color you need to match your entire wardrobe, Little Teether’s Geo Teething Necklace is a surefire winner. At only $22, this teether fits almost any budget. It’s made with BPA-free silicone, has a breakaway clasp and added knots in between each bead for extra safety. If you don’t love this style, Little Teether has TONS of additional jewelry to fit any fashionista mama.

teething necklaces

Source: ChewableCharm.com

2. Wooden Danny Teething Necklace

A combination of food-grade silicone and soft organic maple wood, this Danny teething necklace is perfect for mamas with a natural style. This necklace boasts several colors in varying sized-beads, and is dishwasher safe!

Check out all the styles available at ChewableCharm.com.

teething necklaces

Source: TheSugarPlumCollection.com

3. Blush Modern Silicone Teething Necklace

Minimal and girly, this blush modern necklace is perfect for mamas who go easy on the jewelry. Simple geo beads in an ombre pattern means this necklace goes with just about anything, but it’s not so “loud” that it screams “I’m wearing a teething necklace!”

Head to TheSugarPlumCollection.com to see tons of styles and even some non-teething jewelry too.

teething necklaces

Source: MamaAndLittle.com

4. Lulu Silicone Teething Neckalce

Perfect for the office or the weekend, this completely neutral necklace has it all. A classy shape made in a color that matches anything means this necklace is perfect for any day of the week. This is perfect for teething littles or to keep your breastfeeding babies focused.

Check out more hip teething jewelry at MamaAndLittle.com.

teething necklaces

Source: ChewBeads.com

5. Brooklyn Collection Metropolitan Necklace

Worn as one statement piece or two separate necklaces, the Brooklyn Metropolitan style is 100% silicone and easy to wash with dish soap.  Choose from this black version, or opt for a minty green or blush combo.

Check out all the styles at ChewBeads.com.

teething necklaces

Source: LouLouLollipop.com

6.  Carrera Marble Silicone Teething Necklace

Trendy enough to pair with jeans or a dressier outfit, this Carrera Marble look alike necklace is the perfect combo of style and function. Beads that don’t go all the way around mean you won’t get your hair caught in it while you little tugs and chews away.

Tons of additional styles away you at LouLouLollipop.com.

teething necklaces

Source: Etsy.com

7.  Gummy Chic

Perfect for teething babes or even adults with anxiety, this stylish Gummy Chic silicone necklace is gorgeous. Don’t like these colors? No problem! The shop owner of Gummy Chic loves custom orders and has TONS of color and bead shape options.


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teething necklaces

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