The Reason Why This Toddler Is Feeling Sad Is Absolutely Precious!

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An emotional toddler can be be funny to watch, as they learn to manage their emotions. Meet Sierra, who’s been waiting for her cousin Mia and is very excited for her to come her birthday party. However, we find out that Mia was born approximately 5 minutes before this video was filmed! Her reaction to the news is priceless! You can see how upset she is, and her mother is trying to comfort her as much as she can! However, at 1:01, Sierra’s mood changes when she leanrs that she is going to have another birthday next year! Watch the video below and see this toddler’s drama over her baby cousin!

This baby just made my day! Looks like Sierra is going to grow up to be one caring and loving cousin to baby Mia! Does anyone else have an emotional toddler like little Sierra?

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