24 Picnic Ideas Kid Will Love!

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As the Spring and Summer seasons approach, moms everywhere are starting to plan ways to get their kids out of the house. A long winter has meant all activities and meals have been shared inside, and it’s time to get some fresh air! An easy way to get the kids out of the house is to plan a picnic! Kids love doing anything out of their routine and having a meal outside is super simple. We’ve come up with a bunch of great ideas that will make picnicking a breeze!


Picnic Themes

1. Teddy Bear Picnic– This doesn’t have to be an exclusive teddy bear-only invite! Have your kids bring any stuffed animals they love and have an outside rendezvous with all their buddies!

2. Family Dinner Picnic– Instead of eating dinner together at the kitchen table, move the party outside. You can have a special dinner like pizza, or just do your usual. Either way, kids will love the change!

3. Permanent Picnic– If you’ve got a backyard, set up a stable spot where you can always picnic on a whim. This can be a durable blanket that always stays outside or your kids cute picnic table. If you don’t have the creative juices to come up with a new idea, you always have your fail safe permanent picnic spot!

4. Picnic On the Go– This is also known as a travel or road trip picnic. If you’re vacationing via car, you will save yourself tons of money by packing a picnic lunch or dinner instead of eating out. Take some time to actually pull over and make a “date” of it instead of just eating in the car. Your kids will appreciate the break!

5. Living Room Picnic– Drag your kitchen table into the living or family room and turn off all the lights. Have dinner by candlelight! We know this one isn’t an outside picnic, but it’s definitely still fun! You can also just use a blanket on the floor if you’d rather not rearrange your furniture!

6. Tea Party Picnic– Your daughters will love having their girlfriends over for an outside tea party picnic! Serve iced tea to avoid burns from spills and make teeny tiny sandwiches.

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