You Wouldn’t Believe Your Ice Cube Trays Can Do This! MUST WATCH

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Most of us have a lot of kitchen tools that are used for their intended purpose only. What we don’t know is we can make use of them in ways other than what they are made to do! A perfect example is your common ice cube tray. As far as we know, ice cube trays are only used to make ice cubes, until you watch this video! As you’ll see there are many clever ways to use your ice cube tray! Use your ice cube tray to add more twist to your iced coffee or store herbs in a more convenient way. Watch the video below and see the rest of the tricks that you can use to get your ordinary ice cube trays working overtime!

The possibilities are endless! You will never look at ice cube trays the same way again after watching this! Please leave a comment if you have tried doing this at home!

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