Picnic Foods

7. PB& J Rollups– such an easy and mess-free lunch! Take two pieces of bread and cut off the crust. Then take a rolling pin and flatten the bread. Smear your PB& J and then put the bread together like a regular sandwich. Roll up like a pinwheel and voila!

8. Pepperoni Pizza Puffs– kids like pizza but don’t want all the mess? Check out LicktheBowelGood for a picnic worthy recipe!

9. Walking Tacos– These are tacos without the crunchy taco shell that breaks and spills filling all over you. Take a snack sized chip bag and just dump all your taco fixings inside. Grab a fork and you’re on your way to a taco picnic! Check out a great how-to at

10. Bento Box Lunches– Kids don’t like their boring box lunches? Try a bento box, a small lunch box with different sized compartments. You can get super creative with cold cuts, fruits and veggies and they are very easy to transport to and from your picnic! Visit SmashedPeasAndCarrots for some awesome lunch ideas!

11. Salad in a Cup– If your kids are salad lovers, then you have to check out ACreativeMomma and her idea for an easy idea on portable salad and veggie cups. Simply add your fixings to a cup and top with a small, snack sized portion of salad dressing still in the package (most likely Ranch because these ARE kids!), and you’ve got a spill proof porta-salad!

12. Lasagna Cupcakes– These are so delicious they may not make it from your kitchen all the way to the picnic. Follow Tablespoon’s recipe on miniature lasagnas that are travel friendly and filling. These are awesome for road trips or even hotel picnicking!

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